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Open Data builds predictive models over Big Data.

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Open Data Group provides management consulting services, outsourced analytical services, analytic staffing, and expert witnesses broadly related to data and analytics. It has been building predictive models over big data for over ten years and has introduced a variety of innovative technology related to predictive modeling and analytic architectures.

Open Data’s consulting philosophy is nicely summed up by Marvin Bower, one of McKinsey & Company’s founders. Bower led his firm using three rules: (1) put the interests of the client ahead of revenues; (2) tell the truth and don’t be afraid to challenge a client’s opinion; and (3) only agree to perform work that is necessary and something [you] can do well. You can find more information about Marvin Bower and his business philosophy in this biography.

  • Vision Statement. Although we refine the wording a bit from time, our vision statement has remained essentially the same since our founding: Open Data develops, deploys and disseminates technology that makes accurate predictions about future events.

  • Mission Statement. Open Data identifies strategic analytic opportunities, builds supporting analytic models, and integrates these into operational processes for our clients.

  • Management. Robert Grossman is the Founder of Open Data Group and one of its Partners. He has over twenty years experience in predictive modeling, information technology, business intelligence and related fields and has won several awards for his work in these areas.

  • Organization. Open Data Group is based in Chicago and began operations in 2002. Open Data Group consists of Open Data Partners LLC, which serves commercial clients and Open Data Research LLC, which serves the public sector.


Information about Open Data Executive Team is here.


Since 2001, Open Data has been providing strategic consulting, outsourced analytic services, and analytic staffing so that companies and organizations can analyze data and build analytic models that increase revenues, decrease costs, and improve business operations.

Our services include:

  • Management consulting services. Open Data provides consulting services so that companies can identify opportunities, develop strategies, and formulate plans and programs related to analytics. In other words, we help companies and organizations develop their analytic strategy, or, if they already have an analytic strategy, we help them refine it and execute it.

  • Outsourced analytic services. Open Data provides outsourced analytic services that span the entire spectrum of analytics: including, identifying the problem, developing an analytic architecture, setting up an analytic environment, preparing the data, building analytic models, deploying models in operational systems, and creating reports about the models. Open Data uses standard practices whenever possible, but also develops specialized, customized solutions when required. In general, Open Data uses its state of the art facility to host your data and supporting analytic infrastructure, but can also work on-site when required.

  • Analytics staffing. Open Data can supply technical staff to supplement and work along side in-house analytic staff on a short term or long term basis.

  • Technical due diligence. Open Data experts can provide independent evaluations of software and technology, strategic evaluations, evaluation of markets and competitors, technical trend analysis, and related projects.

  • Expert witnesses. Open Data can supply expert witnesses in analytics, internet infrastructure, e-business, e-marketing, risk, and related areas.

  • Technical training and education. Open Data can provide overviews of analytics and what is required to compete on analytics for senior managers. Open Data can also provide technical training and education in analytics and related areas.