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Open Data
We build predictive models over big data and develop enterprise-grade predictive analytic scoring engines

Open Data
Our clients are from a wide variety of industry sectors, including: financial services, online advertising, and health care.
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Open Data began operations in 2001 and has built predictive models for companies for over ten years. We specialize in building models over big data and were one of the pioneers of using technologies such as Hadoop and NoSQL databases so that companies can build predictive models efficiently over all of their data. We also build scoring engines designed for high volume (Fast Data) scoring.

The Open Data Group consists of Open Data Partners LLC, which serves commercial clients, Open Data Research LLC, which serves the public sector, and Open Data Real Time Systems Inc, which builds OEM scoring engine solutions.

Dr. Robert Grossman is the founder and managing partner of Open Data. Collin Bennett is a partner.


Open Data provides strategic consulting, outsourced analytic services (including modeling best-practices), and analytic staffing to help companies and organizations analyze data and build analytic models that increase revenues, decrease costs, and improve business operations.

We also work with data scientists to port existing models to PMML or PFA which can be quickly and safely deployment to operational environments.

Service areas include: Predictive modeling, Analytic architectures and infrastructure, and Analytic strategy.


Open Data participated in the development of the Predictive Model Markup Language (PMML). PMML allows companies to quickly and safely deploy analytic models, rather than code, into their operational systems. Augustus is our free, Python, open source PMML-compliant scoring engine.

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We are currently working with the Data Mining Group to bring the Portable Format for Analytics (PFA) to the data sciences community. Hadrian is our enterprise PFA implementation. A Python PFA-toolkit (Titus) and a standalone Hadrian implementation for evaluating is available under a Personal Use and Evaluation license.

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We are located outside of Chicago in River Forest, IL and can be reached at 708-488-8660.

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